Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 27, 2011

Imogen:  Mummy!  I just haved a great idea!

Me:  Oh yeah, what's that?

Imogen:  I want to get some special dirty bathtub dishes for Jen for her birthday!

Me:  Huh?!?

Imogen:  Yes, Mummy, special dirty bathtub dishes that she can wash all by herself in the bathtub.

Me:  That sounds like a very, um, unique gift, Imogen.

Imogen:  It is very unique and also Jen is going to love it!  She will like my present the best.

Me:  Um, yeah.

Imogen.  Dirty bathtub dishes are the BEST!!!

By this point in the conversation, Imogen was hopping from leg to leg and waving her arms wildly with excitement.  Why didn't I have my phone nearby to capture the giddiness?!?

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