Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 21, 2011

Me:  So how was the parade today, Imogen?

Imogen:  It was okay.  But the Autism Parade was better.

Me:  The Autism Parade?  What's that?

Imogen, with a sigh:  Mum.  It's the parade I was in with my bicycle.

Me:  Do you mean the Cycle for Autism?

Imogen:  No.  I know what that is.  And I won a prize there.  That was a race, not a parade.  I mean the Autism Parade where I rode my bike and Jen and Liam and Julius were with me and there were rainbows and people waved at me.

Me:  Oh, you mean the Pride Parade!

Imogen:  No, I mean the Autism Parade.

Me:  Why do you think that parade was called the Autism Parade?

Imogen:  Because it was about being special and about love.  And that's what autism is about, Mum.

I can't argue with logic like that.  The Autism Parade it is.  Full of autists and queers.  Some of us both.

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  1. we're here, we're queer, we're autistic, get over it!