Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11, 2014

Imogen and I were driving to an appointment this morning...

Imogen:  So Mommy, how did you and MamaJen like Laurie Blakeman's book party last night?

Me: It wasn't Laurie Blakeman's book party, honey, it was Laurie MacFayden's book party.  It was a book launch.

Imogen:  Laurie MacFayden wrote a book?!

Me:  Actually, this was a party for the second book Laurie, wrote; Laurie has written two books.

Imogen:  Laurie MacFayden writes books AND paints beautiful pictures?!

Me:  Yes.  And other things too.  She does a whole bunch of jobs at the newspaper.

Imogen:  Wow!

Imogen:  Why didn't you name ME Laurie???

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