Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 20, 2011

Imogen and I have been talking a lot about voting with the impending federal election here in Canada.  She doesn't understand the whole process yet, voting, campaigning and such, but I think it's important to talk to her about it and include her in my discussions.  
Imogen was therefore delighted when my friend Tanya came by on Sunday to get footage for her Dumping Stephen Harper video and she, Imogen, was included in the filming.  Even more delighted was she when the video was posted.  Imogen opens the video:

Upon seeing herself in the film, Imogen had this to say:

Imogen:  Oh Mummy, I'm so glad I breaked up with Stephen Harper.  He makes lots of thumbs down choices.

And her conversation with Jen about the video:

Imogen:  Jen, you have to watch my movie.

Jen:  I already watched it; you were great.

Imogen:  You have to watch it again.

Jen:  I already watched it like, six times.

Imogen:  Then watch it a seventh.

And Jen?  She tweeted about the video and Margaret Atwood retweeted her!!!  Coolest thing ever.

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