Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 31, 2013

Imogen: Can we go to the bank today to turn my American money into Canadian money?

Me: Maybe. We'll see. We have lots to do.

Imogen, with a look of deep concentration: How do they change the money into Canadian?

Me: Well they don't actually change it; they trade us. We give them American money and they trade it for Canadian money.

Imogen, with a look of sudden understanding: Oh! So it's not magic like with a wand because that would not make any sense.

(And that's a reminder to me to be as literal as possible with her! Also, a great glimpse at how her brain attempts to make sense of the seemingly impossible.)

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  1. I totally remember this kind of thing happening to me as a child. Now when I explain things to the girls I often wonder how they will remember them. Too cute!