Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24, 2010

I'm back. Something so great happened at the park that is so appropriate for posting on this blog, and so appropriate for posting on this blog RIGHT NOW that I just have to share.

We arrived at the park to find three boys, aged about 10, playing on the swings. My kids went straight to the baby swings and I lifted them in. Julius began his very loud, very high-pitched squeals of delight. A few minutes later a woman entered the park, alone, clearly looking for the source of the sound.

Woman: Oh, I thought someone was hurt when I heard that screaming.

Me: No, he's just exuberant in his delight.

Woman: Oh, isn't that nice. I don't think I've heard such a scream from a child before and it just worried me. I wanted to make sure everything was okay.

Me: That was really nice of you. He's fine. He has autism, so he expresses himself a little differently.

Woman: Oh, I see. Well, I'm glad everyone is okay. Have a great night!

Me: You too!

Imogen: You too!

Boy on swing: Did you say he has asthma?

Me: No, autism, it's...

Boy: What's that?

Imogen: It means that me and my brother are very special and a lot of fun and really the best ever.

Boy: Cool. You can play with us.

Now doesn't that warm your heart on a million different levels???


  1. Oh my goodness it certainly does!

  2. When Max's English is better (or Immy can speak French,which ever comes firts) I want her to explain his condition to him. What a perfect thing to say!

  3. Speaking of which, I really need to find my battery charger so Immy can make a video message to send Max!

  4. Really the best ever :-) Boy that made me smile!

  5. She is totally the best ever. Love her.

  6. Wow what an awesome thing to come out of Immy's mouth. What a great kid!

  7. That is perfect testimony to what a great influence your positive attitude has had on Imogen's self-esteem! As you said, with this 'diagnosis,' "There is nothing to be sorry about." Brilliant. Geneviève