Friday, October 15, 2010

October 15, 2010

Whilst driving in the car...

Imogen:  Julius, Mummy asked you to take a nap and you are not taking a nap.  That is a thumbs down choice.


Imogen:  Julius, it's very important for you to make thumbs up choices.  That's because then that makes you a big kid and proud of yourself.

Me:  That's a great way of explaining thumbs up choices, Imogen.

Imogen:  I know all about thumbs up choices.  Julius, if you don't start making thumbs up choices I'm going to call you a very bad boy and yell at you.

Me:  Um, do you think that would be a thumbs up choice, Imogen?

Imogen:  Maybe it's a thumbs sideways choice.

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