Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 21, 2010

In an effort to get Imogen to eat some lasagne tonight (not a favourite for her, because it involves a lot of foods mixed up and touching each other,) I was being extra silly in my requests.  Humor sometimes works. 

Me:  Imogen, you can choose to have three bites of your yummy chicken lasagne or you can have seven HUNDRED bites!   Which do you want?

Imogen:  Three.  You are not funny, Mummy, and I will not eat seven hundred bites.

Me:  Grandad would eat seven hundred bites, wouldn't you Grandad?

Grandad:  Oh yes.

Me:  That's because Grandad is almost SEVEN HUNDRED years old!!!

Imogen:  Mummy, you are ridiculous.  If Grandad was seven hundred years old, his head would have growed out of the roof.

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