Saturday, October 23, 2010

October 23, 2010

Imogen:  I put the spoons on the table, Mummy.

Me:  Aw, thanks Imogen.  We actually don't need spoons tonight, but that was so nice and thoughtful of you.

Imogen:  I'm sorry, Mummy.

Me:  Oh sweetie, you don't need to be sorry at all!  You didn't do anything wrong.  You were being so nice and helpful!  That's wonderful!

Imogen:  No Mummy, that's not why I'm sorry.  I'm sorry because you have to use the spoon because I said so.

I swear I do NOT speak to her like that.  Ack!!!

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  1. Being bossy ... I mean... leaders... comes naturally to some of us. :)