Friday, July 2, 2010

July 2, 2010

Imogen, on Toy Story 3:

Mummy, that is one eNORmous movie that Athena-bear's uncle made. And I loved it so much. That's because it was so funny like Athena-bear's daddy. I liked it when the peas were in Mr. Potato Head's butt. I think David told his brother that part. That's because David thinks peas in butts are funny too.


  1. That's so right! David DOES think peas in butts are funny. How did she know? I'm so glad she liked it! It wasn't too scary there near the end?

  2. I suspect that Imogen recalls how much she and Dave have in common on the humour front ;)
    She did seem nervous near the end, but not TOO nervous. I think she was the perfect age to see it. Though she did keep calling out to the characters... much to the delight of other in attendance.

  3. Athena did the same thing! "Woody!" "Buzz!" I don't think she understood enough to be scared at the end though. Wasn't it great when Barbie stood up to Lotso? "Authority should be based on the consent of the governed, not by force!"

  4. For the briefest of moments, I rethought my hatred of all things Barbie. Good line there, from my other birthday twin.