Friday, July 30, 2010

July 30, 2010

Me:  Imogen, do you know what you would like for your birthday?  You've told me about what you want for your party, so we've booked that, but what kind of present would you like?

Imogen:  I would like a ball of string, Mummy.

Me:  A ball of string?

Imogen:  Yes, a ball of string.  That is what I would like.


  1. Easy and inexpensive - nice!

  2. For real, I'll get her that present! lol! what are you going to get her?

  3. I don't know! The same day she announced that she wants a ball of string, Karen (Lochlyn's mom) introduced her to the iPod Touch... now guess what she wants!?!!! She is NOT getting one though.

  4. LOL! well, that makes shopping nice and simple. :)