Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5, 2010

Imogen and I eavesdropped on the following conversation in a pet store today:

Man: So you mean none of these pets do tricks?

Pet Store Employee: No sir. Rodents and reptiles don't typically do tricks.

Man: Not even this one? (pointing to a gerbil.)

Employee: No sir, none of them do tricks.

Man: What about this one (pointing to another gerbil.)

Employee: No, none of these animals will do tricks.

Man: My daughter is 6 and I only want an animal that will do a trick.

Employee: In that case, you might need to consider adopting a cat or a dog from the shelter.

Man: What about this one? (pointing to the same gerbil as earlier)

Imogen, loudly: Mummy, I think that man is really stupid and should learn his own tricks.