Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Help Imogen's Brother Learn to Talk

Imogen returned to this topic today.  Apparently the charitable gift card she received really got her thinking.  She wants more birthday money to help her brother talk.  I can't tell you how huge my heart feels when I hear my little girl eager to advocate on her brother's behalf.

So I'm helping her out in her pursuit; I've set up a donation page on  Through it, you can make a birthday donation on Imogen's behalf to the Centre for Autism Services Alberta, the organization which is providing Julius's support at present.  They are a non-profit charity providing a variety of services to children with autism, helping them reach their fullest potential.

If you'd like to help Imogen in her fundraising efforts, please give here.  The page is open to October 10, 2010.  I'll post her fundraising total here on the 11th!

Thank you for your support, everyone!!!  Oh, and no post is complete without a direct quote from Imogen, so:

Imogen:  I think when Julius learns how to talk, he will be very funny.  And we will laugh a lot together.

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  1. Kim, honestly,Imogen is the kindest, most compassionate 5 year old I have ever met. She sweeps everyone off their feet.